Touch up paint on a monument

Over the years any kind of paint will fade. Most of the time missing or faded paint can be restored on a memorial given the proper tools and know-how. If you have noticed the paint in your loved ones memorial fading, there is a technique that can be used to repaint it.



Here is an example of a memorial in which the paint has completely faded. It is important that the memorial be laying down on a flat surface before attempting to repaint.


Take your syringe and draw some paint into it. We recommend a durable outdoor oil based enamel.


Place the needle carefully into the area that you want to paint and gently release the paint from the syringe. As you are disbursing the paint take care not to overfill the area causing the paint to spill over into unwanted areas.


When repainting flowers or other designs this is the outcome we are going for. This area is done.


When repainting panel lines it is important to release the paint from the syringe slowly and evenly. Keep the syringe moving along the line so as not to overfill the area.


When repainting the lettering take care not to let the paint spill out into the frosted(rough) surface of the panel. Keep the needle down in the letter and slowly squeeze paint in as you trace the shape of the letter. If you accidentally get paint on the panel, don’t worry, we will describe how to fix it later.


Once the paint has been applied to your satisfaction, let the paint dry for a while. After the paint has dried we can go back and take care of the spots where paint might have gotten on to unwanted areas.


If you happened to get paint on to any frosted(rough) surface of the memorial you can take your whetstone and gently rub the affected area with it. If you happened to get paint on a polished area you can simply take your fingernail and scrape it off. Do not use the whetstone on a polished surface.


If done carefully and correctly the final result will have restored the paint in your loved ones memorial and will last for years to come.

Disclaimer: Moon Monument Company Inc. nor any of it’s employees is responsible for any damage that may occur to your memorial using the techniques described here. Attempt at your own risk