Do minor repairs on a monument

From time to time memorials are damaged either inadvertently by mowers or on purpose by vandals. Sometimes this damage can be repaired. In this example we will take you through the steps to repair a chipped edge on a marker that is commonly associated with damage done inadvertently by a mower.



Here is an example of a memorial that has a chipped edge. Most of the time repair work on chipped edges can be done right in the cemetery.


In order to ensure that your line will be straight, you will want to use your square and hold one part of it flush against a straight edge and the other part positioned just below the deepest chip on the edge you want to repair.


Draw a line with your grease pencil all the way across.


Double check that your line is straight and that the top of the line touches the edge of the deepest chip.


Place the blade of your chisel on the line you drew and hold it at a slight angle away from yourself.


Carefully but forcefully hit the head of the chisel while holding it firmly. The granite will break exactly on the point of the chisels blade.


Slowly work your way down along the grease pencil line taking care that each break is straight with the previous one.


When you are done, check the line again to make sure it is straight.


When you are pleased with the result, you can simply rub any remaining grease pencil off with some paper towel.

Disclaimer: Moon Monument Company Inc. nor any of it’s employees is responsible for any damage that may occur to your memorial using the techniques described here. Attempt at your own risk